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Spring Open House and London Craft Week

27 April - 3 May

Spring Open House

27.04.20 - 03.05.20

This year, our Spring Open House coincides with London Craft Week, a fabulous time of the year for the crafts industry. Peter Layton and his team will be showing new and exciting bodies of work and our Spring Open House sale table will be returning.

Louis Thompson and Sophie Thomas Demonstration | 2nd May, 11am and 2pm

Louis Thompson and Sophie Thomas’ Broken Ocean series represents the challenge of the colossal flow of plastic pollution that runs into our seas every minute of every day – currently a rubbish truckload a minute. The dynamic duo, who use waste glass fragments and found plastic from the Hawaii beaches, make blown glass forms that, whilst beautiful, remind us of the destruction our oceans are facing.

Louis and Sophie exhibited their Broken Ocean series at Collect 2019, where they received the Crafts Council Collect Open award. Their working process is a delight to watch as whilst designs are drawn out and visions are discussed, there is an interactive and unpredictable nature to how each piece evolves.

If you would like to attend the demonstration then please RSVP to gallery@londonglassblowing.co.uk to let us know which time slot you would prefer.

Low Res Barnacle

Barnacle, Sophie Thomas and Louis Thompson

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