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Spring Open House and Yard Sale

14 - 29 May

Spring Open House and Yard Sale

14.05.21 - 29.05.21

There is nothing more refreshing than the pop of colour that fills the gallery at our Spring Open House. It is a marvellous opportunity to experience the vibrancy that can be expressed in glass. Peter has been very inspired by the beautiful Blossom this year and has re-developed his latest series ‘Blossom’ which was released for our Valentine showcase earlier on in the year. Peter has also re-released his stunning Meconopsis series.


Please click here to view our Spring Open House and Online Yard Sale.


We will also be hosting a demo as part of our Spring Open House, so keep your eyes peeled!

Meconopsis Vases by Peter Layton

Meconopsis Banner

Meconopsis Platters


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