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Silent Auction 2019

sssh...Bid before Peter changes his mind!

Silent Auction 2019

Treasures from Peter Layton's highlights collection

Silent Auction 2019

Pieces hand selected by Peter Layton

Silent Auction 2019

04.04.19 - 13.04.19

The Silent Auction returns this year with stunning pieces from Peter Layton’s private collection and a selection of remarkable work from our resident artists. Among these lots are a special grouping from Peter Layton’s Highlights collection, archival pieces, never to be repeated, which are very dear to their maker and are slowly being released via the auction. Along with these Highlights, Peter has added a few iridised pieces from his recent experiments and a selection of work from his revisited series. Together, the pieces from Peter Layton in the auction span many styles, series and make a well rounded variety of his glassmaking work.

Peter’s Silent Auction pieces are joined by work from the studio team which has become hugely popular with our collectors throughout the Auction’s history. Each piece has been specially selected by its artist for the auction. 

The Silent Auction is a chance to collect a truly unique treasure, and take home your very own piece of British glassmaking history. 

How to Bid

If you haven’t experienced any of our auctions before, click ‘show more’ to read a quick overview.


  • Each Auction Lot has a Gallery Price (to guide you) and a Reserve Price (the minimum amount you may bid).
  • The value of the current highest bid is not publicised – that’s why it is ‘silent’!
  • Winners will be contacted between 17-19 April.
  • Click here to read the full Terms and Conditions.

You can submit your bids in the following ways:

– Online via the form on the page for each Lot

– Visit the gallery between April 04-13 to view the Lots and bid in person

– Call us on +44(0)207 403 2800 (Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm)

– Email: silentauction@londonglassblowing.co.uk with the following:

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Lot Number(s)
Your Maximum Bid(s)

Preferential Bidding

If you are tempted to bid on multiple pieces, but you don’t have the budget to win them all, simply let us know that you’d like to do ‘preferential bidding’ and we’ll enter your bids one at a time, in order of your preference.


The deadline for online bids is 23:59 on Sunday, April 14, 2019. The last day to bid in the gallery is Saturday April 13, 2019.

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