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Silent Auction 2017

revisiting and re-inventing

works from the past 40 years

Tahiti Large Stoneform

Aurora Organic Stoneform

Silent Auction 2017

17.03.17 - 25.03.17

Bidding for the 2017 Silent Auction has now closed.  

The Silent Auction has become a hugely popular event in our calendar.  Last year for the first time we included work by other members of the studio team extremely successfully with over 80% of their work being snapped up by astute collectors.

The pieces that Peter traditionally includes, have also been greatly sought after because of their unique place in his creative process.  Developed during the evolution of his series, these have been put aside by Peter as inspirational examples.  These are the gems that we call Highlights and which Peter, through a lot of arm twisting, has slowly made available through the Silent Auctions.  

2017 is an important year for London Glassblowing and Peter in particular.  In June he turns eighty and in homage to his years of glassmaking he has decided to create anew some of the series from the past forty years, selecting one design from each decade and re-inventing it.  The Silent Auction 2017 will present the opportunity to be the first to see and purchase these latest versions.

During the 90’s, for example, Ebbtide was a classic design, of which we have very few examples left.  Peter is currently working on a new incarnation.

Spirale is another series that caught people’s imagination some years ago. This, in its new form, may surprise.


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