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  • Black-paradiso-by-Peter-Layton
  • tim-rawlinson-parralax_1800


Celebrating 40 Years

Of London Glassblowing

Black Paradiso

by Peter Layton

The expressive new series launching at Recollections, May 2016


Celebrating 40 Years

of London Glassblowing


By Tim Rawlinson

Acknowledging our history

whilst exploring the future


Rotherhithe, London

Peter Layton and Norman Stuart-Clark at work in our very first studio, on the banks of the Thames in Rotherhithe.


20.05.16 - 11.06.16

Established by Peter Layton in 1976, London Glassblowing is celebrating its 40th anniversary. As part of this special year of celebrations we are proud to be presenting Recollections – our stand-out summer show. In art, as in life, we may all experience a missed opportunity, that avenue yet to be fully explored. With this in mind, and in the spirit of evolution, we have challenged our resident artists to revisit creations from their rich history; to go beyond previous explorations and develop new and inspiring works that look towards the future.

Recollections will feature: Peter Layton, Louis Thompson, Hanne Enemark, Jochen Ott, Bruce Marks, Tim Rawlinson, Elliot Walker, Laura McKinley & Richard Price, Cathryn Shilling & James Duncan Clark, Layne Rowe, Anthony Scala and James Alexander.

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Watch The Recollections Video

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peter layton 40 year anniverary london glassblowing

Peter Layton


  • Peter Layton canyon for webPeter Layton, Canyon
  • Moyan Brenn Slot CanyonPhoto © Moyan Brenn (CC BY 2.0)

Above: Peter Layton, Canyon

“This body of work is inspired by my visit to Sedona in Arizona. One of the most memorable experiences of that trip was a visit to Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon situated in Navajo country which could only be reached by special vehicles able to navigate the soft sands. The colours and forms I saw were incredible and I have attempted a number of times over the intervening years to recreate their essential visual qualities and extraordinary light. I am thrilled with the way this collection of work expresses the essence of this experience.” – Peter Layton

Above photograph © Moyan Brenn, (Creative Commons licence 2.0.)


Bruce Marks


  • bruce marks giraffe head 2016Bruce Marks, Giraffe Head, 2016
  • bruce marks giraffe head 02 2016Bruce Marks, Giraffe Head, 2016

In the spirit of retrospective exploration of past work, I am reimagining my Giraffe Head series and bringing a new perspective and years of further experience to this exciting and intriguing endeavour. I will be investigating new and different approaches to colour application and I hope to bring into play, some of the elements that I admire in Brancusi; his elegance and simplicity of form.” – Bruce Marks


Cathryn Shilling & James Duncan Clark


  • Cathryn ShillingCathryn Shilling
  • James Duncan ClarkJames Duncan Clark

For the exhibition Recollections, Cathryn Shilling is revisiting themes explored in her earlier piece, Static Movement, in a collaboration with photographer James Duncan Clark. This new project combines glass fusion techniques and photographic transfer prints to explore the use of computer generated imagery used by South London property developers. By appropriating various CGI portraits of people from hoardings (‘Render Ghosts’) located in and around the London Bridge area, and redeploying them within a fragmented, binary glass vista, the artists attempt to deconstruct and isolate these utopian representations of 21st century London through a playful act of obscuring and revealing.


Enemark & Thompson


  • enemark thompson ore composition 2016Enemark & Thompson, Ore Composition, 2016
  • enemark thompson ore detail 2016Enemark & Thompson, Ore in Salmon (detail), 2016

For their new collaborative works, ‘Ore’, Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson are revisiting ideas they have explored throughout their years as practicing artists, using blown glass and gold lustre to great effect.


Elliot Walker

Elliot Walker

Elliot Walker

Elliot Walker will be exploring hot sculpted forms depicting contorted and dissected figures.


Tim Rawlinson

Tim Rawlinson, Parallax

Tim Rawlinson, Parallax

Tim Rawlinson is revisiting ideas he explored in 2014 for an exhibition titled VETRO, the theme of which was Venetian inspiration. Using intricate cane work through the reticelllo technique, Tim has created a matrix composed of layers of fine lines within his sculptures. These are distorted by the optical qualities of the glass, greatly enhanced by Tim’s extensive cutting and polishing techniques.


Jochen Ott

Jochen Ott, Inner Space

Jochen Ott, Inner Space

Jochen Ott will be revisiting his work with cut and polished optical glass.


Laura McKinley & Richard Price

Laura McKinley & Richard Price: Emergence, 2016

Laura McKinley & Richard Price: Emergence, 2016

Video Shim

Laura McKinley & Richard Price will be collaborating on blown, cut, polished and engraved pieces which combine influences from both their working practices.


Anthony Scala


Anthony Scala will be revisiting his incredible ‘Dark Matter’ piece at an ambitious new scale


James Alexander


Layne Rowe

Layne Rowe will also be unveiling some new pieces inspired by some of his own historical sketch book drawings.


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