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5-28 August


05.08.16 - 28.08.16

London Glassblowing has come a long way since its humble beginnings on the banks of the Thames 40 years ago. Since then, Peter Layton has helped raise the profile of the medium, taking his work – and that of his contemporaries – to new audiences across the globe. Back in the heady, exhilarating days of the late 70s, the UK market for glass art was almost non-existent, and to make ends meet whilst ploughing a furrow to a group of collectors, Layton’s pieces often sold for a fraction of their value.

As a studio, we owe a great deal to the early supporters who collected our work – those who believed in us and the medium from the outset. With Memoirs, for a three week period during August, London Glassblowing honours its past by going back to this approach, with an extensive selection of pieces by Layton that are available from as little as £100.

Layton, now approaching 80, far from stepping back, is in a hugely creative phase, and in this situation, some of the early versions of his series need to give way for their new incarnations.

If you’ve been with us since those early days, then Memoirs is our thank you note, and an outstanding opportunity to add to your collection of British studio glass. If you’re a 21st century newcomer, then welcome. There will never be a better time to begin.

August 5 to 28

Sculptural Work by Peter Layton

Abacus II, 2014


  • Abacus within_GUIDES_close crop
  • Abacus by Peter Layton, £11,750, Red Corian with Skyline glass, 2015_FOR WEB
  • Abacus blended background
  • Abacus close up

Battery, 2004


  • Battery images_06
  • Battery images_04
  • Battery images_07
  • Battery images_01
  • Battery images_05

Memories - Poppy Wall Installation, 2012

Peter Layton, 2012

Peter Layton, 2012

Peter Layton, 2012

Peter Layton, 2012

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