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London Craft Week

featuring Layne Rowe

London Craft Week

featuring artist Layne Rowe

in "Refined Elements"

London Craft Week

Layne Rowe and Peter Layton in the studio

London Craft Week 2019

08.05.19 - 12.05.19

In support of London Craft Week, we’re proud to be celebrating the ancient craft of glassmaking, with a busy series of events and exhibitions including Refined Elements, a showcase of work by artist Layne Rowe, and welcoming back our annual tradition, the Spring Open House.

New for London Craft Week 2019, Peter will be discussing Blaschka glass at the Natural History Museum in a special talk with the Principal Curator of Crustaceans.


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Glassblowing Demonstrations with Layne Rowe: Saturday 11 May at 11am, 2pm and 4pm.

Peter Layton at the Natural History Museum: Thursday 9 May
Join Peter Layton in conversation with Principal Curator of Crustaceans, Miranda Lowe, as they unearth the mysteries of Blaschka glass models held at the Natural History Museum. Click here to book tickets.

Refined Elements

An expert glassblower with over 25 years experience (inclusive of a 16-year stint at London Glassblowing), Layne Rowe enjoys working with the vulnerable qualities of glass. Taking inspiration from his favourite places along the Devon coastline, the artist has an appreciation for the preciousness and fragility of the material, and the capacity to explore even the finest of details. He also has a feel for the historical element of glassblowing, a craft with routes in Ancient Syria circa 1st Century BC.

Layne is an excellent candidate for the celebration of studio glass during London Craft Week. Hear the artist in his own words, in “Out Of The Furnance” by Heist Films.


Introducing Layne Rowe

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