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London Craft Week

watch artist charlie macpherson in the studio

London Craft Week 2018

12.05.18 - 12.05.18

Blowing Hot and Cold comes to life with this demonstration in the studio by an exemplary maker. Watch talented glassblower Charlie MacPherson demonstrate his skill in the Bermondsey Street studio, turning molten glass into a work of art. A blower of immense talent, MacPherson combines line and pattern within the fluid sculptural forms he achieves in glass.

Working in glass for over a decade, Charlie MacPherson has drawn acclaim for his skilled juxtaposition of line and patterning in his work. The fluid, curving pieces he creates are reminiscent of cellular, organic forms, emphasized by the cutting processes he employs once a piece is cold. During this in-depth demonstration, Charlie will create a piece from beginning to end, then discuss the ways he will cut and polish the glass to finish the piece.

“My initial draw to the material was the way the light passes through glass, and the vibrancy of the colors. More and more I am drawn to the movement and fluidity of glass, capturing a given moment during the making processes.” – Charlie MacPherson


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Charlie MacPherson in the studio.

Charlie MacPherson in the studio.

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