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Kumano Kodo by Tim Rawlinson

09.11.18 - 21.11.18

We are delighted to be holding an exhibition of work by Tim Rawlinson.  Tim joined London Glassblowing as a new graduate from the glass department at Bucks University in 2011 and quickly showed his talent through his development of forms which exploited colour and light.  His highly acclaimed Echoes of Light series has been extremely successful. 


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Echoes of Light


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Tim visited Japan in 2014, and again in 2017, when he walked the Kumano Kodo, an ancient sacred pilgrimage route.  This was a inspirational experience for him, and drawing on the Japanese belief that rocks have spirits within them, Tim has created a body of cast and blown work with a spiritual resonance.  This new body of work is based on a new hybrid technique combining blown elements within cast glass sculptural forms.

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Glassblowing Demonstration and Talk

Tim will be demonstrating his skills in the studio and talking about his work on Saturday 17th November at 1pm and 3pm

Tim cutting in the studio

Tim cutting in the studio

Through casting blown glass components, I capture the quality of when ink falls into water and the colour spreads and flows in the liquid. This is achieved when the glass is molten, but as the glass cools, the flow is suspended.

Tim Rawlinson

New Series: Essence

For this exhibition, Tim has released a new series, Essence, inspired by the rocks he encountered on the Kumano Kodo route. Stones on the pilgrimage trail have interesting textures and formations often caused by the natural process of shaping by river rapids. It is believed that these rocks carry spirits within them and Tim’s series attempts to convey a sense of the intriguing colours, shapes, and spiritual essence of the stones.


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Japanese Inspirations

Below are some images of the moss-covered rocks, manmade and natural landscapes, as well as the Kumano Kodo, meaning ancient road, that were the inspiration behind Tim’s exhibition.


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