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HOMAGE: Reflections On My Heroes

Artist inspired series by Peter Layton

Q&A with Peter

23 August, 6pm-8pm in the Gallery

Orangutans in the Gallery

Introducing 3 New Charity Auction Pieces - Orangutan Stoneforms

Glassblowing Demonstrations

24 August, 2pm & 3.30pm

HOMAGE: Reflections On My Heroes

10.08.18 - 01.09.18

We seem to have created a new tradition for August in our gallery, which is to host an exhibition which focuses on a particular aspect of my own work.

This year, I am revisiting a number of series in which I pay homage to some of the artists, mostly painters, who I admire and from whom I have drawn inspiration.  I don’t seek to copy their work, but rather to capture some intrinsic quality I find in it. I enjoy the challenge of translating this into glass, of using a molten material in a painterly way, and playing with movement and translucency in the attempt to get to the essence of the artist’s oeuvre.

Among my heroes in the art world is the most extraordinary of artists, the greatest of the twentieth century, perhaps of all time?   My new series, Piccolo, a work in progress, is an homage to him – no prizes for guessing the source of inspiration!


– Peter Layton

New series - Piccolo

Piccolo Group

Among my heroes in the art world is the most extraordinary of artists, the greatest of the twentieth century, perhaps of all time? My new series, Piccolo, a work in progress, is an homage to him. Peter’s newest series, Piccolo, is no exception. A complex series made up of more than six colours which are applied and beautifully woven together on Layton’s signature flattened form. The patterning of each piece varies significantly due to the arduous process of colour application.

Auction - Orangutan Stoneforms

Left to right: Orangutan Stoneform 1, Orangutan Stoneform 2, Orangutan Stoneform 3

Left to right: Orangutan Stoneform 1, Orangutan Stoneform 2, Orangutan Stoneform 3

Peter has made three new pieces especially to auction in support of Orangutan Veterinary Aid (OVAID), which will be on display during the HOMAGE exhibition. 100% of funds raised by the auction of these three pieces, will go directly to OVAID to provide much-needed equipment, such as X-Ray machines, and to educate vets in caring for endangered orangutans in the region.

Peter and his wife Ann have the rare opportunity to go on an orangutan trek in Borneo in October with glass artist Sara Fell, and her husband, veterinary surgeon, Nigel Hicks, to see first hand the amazing work being carried out by the vets at the orangutan rescue centres. Peter and Ann are hoping to raise £1,800 in funds for OVAID, a charity supporting vets working at the front line of orangutan rescue, often in difficult and dangerous conditions.

The series is priced as follows and all the money raised by the auction of these three pieces will be donated to OVAID. Please place your bids for these pieces on the forms provided in the gallery, or by email or telephone.

Orangutan Stoneform 1 (Lot number OS1) – Gallery Price: £800, Reserve Bid Price: £550

Orangutan Stoneform 2 (Lot number OS2) – Gallery Price: £1,100, Reserve Bid Price: £800

Orangutan Stoneform 3 (Lot number OS3) – Gallery Price: £800, Reserve Bid Price: £550

If you do not wish to bid on any of these pieces, we urge you to PLEASE make a donation anyway. Visit the JustGiving page to donate.

For almost a decade, Sara and Nigel have devoted several months each year to orangutan rescue in Borneo. Having been inspired by their dedication and generosity in giving their time, energy and personal funding to this cause, we have agreed as a condition of our trip to do our best to raise awareness of the desperate plight of orangutans in Borneo. Were aiming to fundraise £1,800 separate from the cost of our travel towards OVAID, the charity set up by Nigel and Sara to provide equipment and to educate vets, in some cases by bringing them to the UK for training.

Peter and Ann Layton

Circles of Hope

Circles of Hope

Spring 2016 saw the launch of ‘Klimt’, the brand new body of work by Peter Layton. Inspired by the Austrian master, and following many months of developmental work, Layton has resolved the series with four stunning designs, each a unique interpretation of Gustav Klimt’s iconic paintings. Circles of Hope is directly inspired by a flowing robe worn by the elegant subject of the ‘Hope II’ masterpiece.

In the Gallery: Pastel Georgia, Arrival of Spring and Pollock


  • Pastel Georgia Pair
  • Arrival of Spring
  • Pollock



In co-operation with the National Gallery, Peter Layton has created his own impressionist view of Monet’s garden at Giverny in glass. A delightful feature of this design is the flowing movement of leaves and reedy undergrowth, contrasting with pink, lilac and red petals that provide a subtle foil to variegated translucent green foliage.

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