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  • Peter Layton Paradiso

Evolution: Elucidating My Process

15.10.20 - 07.11.20

Over the past few years Peter’s annual solo show has become one of the most significant in our calendar. At 83, and still going strong, he is as active and creative as ever.

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Spurred on by an endless fascination with glass, he continues to explore its myriad possibilities at a furious pace.

For Evolution, Peter has chosen to present Shibori, a new series inspired by his trip to Japan last year.  Shibori is the name of an ancient Japanese tie-dye method of colouring fabric.  Initially Peter sought to emulate the traditional indigo hues most commonly used for this process, but he soon felt the need to introduce more personal colourways into his experimental pieces. The complex colour technique originally developed at the time of creating Wheatfield (Peter’s series, created for the National Gallery, after Van Gogh’s painting) and subsequently Klimt Landscape have been further refined to achieve a continuous pattern of calligraphic mark making akin to ancient scripts.

The unexpected qualities of many of these works would normally dictate their selection as Archive pieces, but Peter has decided to include them in this exhibition as part of a sequence showing how the series has evolved. Each of these is offered as a collector’s item.

Shibori, Peter Layton

Shibori, Peter Layton

Green Three-sided Pyramid, Peter Layton

Green Three-sided Pyramid, Peter Layton

Blue Rain, Peter Layton

Blue Rain, Peter Layton

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A further very exciting step in the evolution of London Glassblowing is the arrival of Peter’s daughter, a successful practising artist/printmaker, who has joined London Glassblowing, where she is being mentored by Peter and his team.  She is transferring her printmaking ideas and skills into developing unique, painterly glass objects. These works are in the process of being developed now. This exhibition will be the first that they have shown in together and will be the first viewing of Sophie’s glass art.

One Tower Bridge, Sophie Layton

One Tower Bridge, Sophie Layton

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