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  • Demonstration Christmas

Christmas Demonstrations

23.11.19 - 07.12.19

We are incredibly lucky to have three demonstrations in the Christmas calendar this year.

23 November : Phil Vallentin, Animator and Glass Artist, will be demonstrating the making of his endearing characters, which are much loved by London Glassblowing and perfectly suited for Christmas.

30 November : Olga Alianova is one of our treasured glass jewellery artists. Quirky and elegant in nature, her work is a delight to see and wear! Her work is sought after by collectors and fashion forward individuals across the globe!

7 December: Davide Penso is at the forefront of the glass industry. His seaweed series, rich in colour and movement, is extremely captivating. Davide is a natural performer and his demonstrations are engaging for audiences of all ages.

All three artists technique of choice is lampworking – an ancient technique which is fascinating to watch.

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