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  • Laura McKinley
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Childlike Abandon

20 - 29 July

Laura McKinley's newest work

fresh from its RCA debut

Childlike Abandon

20 - 29 July

Childlike Abandon by Laura McKinley

20.07.18 - 29.07.18

London Glassblowing is delighted to present the first gallery exhibition of Laura McKinley’s work from her Masters at the Royal College of Art. A resident artist at London Glassblowing for 8 years, Laura McKinley has dedicated her past two to the pursuit of an MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. An extremely talented artist before her time at the RCA, she has challenged her previous artistic practice and broadened her skills and understanding of the medium.

Laura’s interest in play and the inviting qualities of glass remain strong motifs throughout her work, while the time and surroundings of the Masters programme have provided the opportunity to hone her skills and artistic focus.

Her pieces in this show include objects that encourage interaction with the viewer, from her piece Childlike Abandon, glass goblets with brass fittings, modeled from 16th century Bavarian versions. Her most recent pieces of multiple sculpted glass components recall familiar toys and games of childhood – directly contradicting the delicate and fragile material in which they are created.

We are very proud of Laura’s journey over the past two years and are delighted to present the very first gallery show of her new work, fresh from its debut at the Royal College of Art.

Works on display by Laura McKinley


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  • Revealed
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  • Laura McKinley


  • Avolio Blue
  • Avolio Blue 2
  • Two Avolio
  • Avolio Aurora

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I have always been intrigued by the playfulness and elegance of children's toys and how the forms invite engagement. Using hot glass I am exploring form, texture, scale, and space to excite the viewer. In one group of objects I wish to draw the viewer in to explore the internal space, the play of light and shadow on the form and the optical qualities of solid glass. In another group I am playing with stacked components, using them like children's building blocks to create towers where each form, colour and texture has a relationship with the others, whether they are complimentary or shocking, comfortable or jarring.
- Laura McKinley

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