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Blowing Hot and cold

4 - 26 May

Blowing Hot and Cold

04.05.18 - 26.05.18

Forget any puns or other connotations, London Glassblowing Gallery’s spring exhibition 2018 is the real deal!

We will be showing twenty of the UK’s foremost glassblowers, who, as part of their process also employ cold working techniques in resolving their work.  As a glassmaker, one of the things I love most about this extraordinary medium is that molten glass demands instant decisions.  Each nuanced change of shape or surface influences the final form of a piece.  

For many artists this is only part of the process; for them the blown element represents the canvas or blank upon which to work their magic.   By cutting, grinding and polishing, etching or engraving, the object is transformed, and the story changes with each cut or mark that is made.  One false move and hours of patient endeavour is wasted and the piece may be lost.  

Come and see the magnificent work that has not only survived this arduous process, but has been greatly enhanced by the artists’ hand to magnify the reflective, refractive and textural qualities of each piece.

-Peter Layton

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