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  • Peter-Layton-on-the-stall-at-Bermondsey-Street-Festival-2015

The Village Fete in the City

Beats, treats & artisan eats...

The finest that SE1 has to offer

Studio pieces for all budgets

Peter Layton himself manning our stall at 2015's event

Bermondsey Street Festival

16.09.17 - 16.09.17

Video Shim

Watch the video above to see what happened at the 2016 Bermondsey Street Festival.

top 5 Reasons to visit...

If you’ve never visited London Glassblowing before, Saturday 16 September 2017 is the day to do it! We take you through our top 5 reasons for visiting the Bermondsey Street Festival:

1. Thousands of people can’t be wrong…
The Bermondsey Street Festival has become a huge attraction for thousands of people each year – a real foodie mecca with lots of fun, local music, art, and crafty things to do, making it one of London’s finest!

2. Delicious Local Food & Drink
From 11am-6pm the entire street is closed to traffic; exciting shops, stalls, eateries and events abound, and the proximity of Borough and Maltby Street markets add a further delicious dimension to the occasion.

3. Studio Sale Bargains!
At London Glassblowing we will have outdoor (and indoor) tables filled with goodies – wonderful ‘studio’ pieces at bargain prices. In the gallery there will be an amazing selection of works by our team and guest artists.

4. Live Glassblowing
In our studio at the rear of the gallery, our master glassblowers will be busy creating astounding pieces for visitors to view.

5. Indian Summer Weather*
All in all this promises to be an extraordinarily fun-filled day for all the family and what’s more, we’ve organised brilliant weather (*fingers crossed!).

The new Mayor of London certainly enjoyed the day in 2015!

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