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An Eclectic Christmas

gorgeous gifts and festive flair

Featuring work by

Hanne Enemark, Gina Cowen, Ruth Shelley, Layne Rowe, Peter Layton

Marvellous gift ideas

from peter layton and the team

Featuring work by

Peter Layton, Gina Cowen, Louis Thompson, Anthony Scala, Cathryn Shilling

An Eclectic Christmas

23.11.17 - 23.12.17

Christmas at London Glassblowing is a fantastically festive time of year. Visit the gallery for stunning glass art gift ideas from Peter Layton and our resident and guest artists.

An Eclectic Christmas will feature light and airy kilnformed glass vessels by Amanda Simmons, Stephen Foster‘s intricate rockpool pieces, as well as charming flameworked ornaments by Philip Vallentin. Along with other unforgettable gift ideas like the cheeky cast mice by Morag Reekie, which have captured the hearts of many collectors, while Ruth Shelley‘s geometric kilnformed vessels were lauded at the recent British Glass Biennale.  Elegant blown lights by Jonathan Rogers, will also be on display, a new body of work from the maker. 

Along with highly gift-able work in his signature series, Peter Layton will launch new miniatures this Christmas, accompanied by his Heirloom Baubles, available exclusively at London Glassblowing during this time of year. 

Visit for beautiful gifts from £100, and the warm glow of the roaring furnace – London Glassblowing is a destination to start your holiday shopping and get into a festive mood!

During An Eclectic Christmas our hours are Monday – Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Fridays 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Sundays 11:00 am to 5:00pm.

We visit London Glassblowing studios every Christmas to buy a new decoration for the tree. It is one of my Christmas highlights - beautiful glass pieces, demonstrations (and at Christmas, mulled wine and mince pies!) I'd highly recommend popping along - I'm sure you will love it as much as I do!

Dawn Thornhill

Please note, we will not be offering bauble making sessions this Christmas. We invite you to visit the studio to watch the artists at work or book one of our Experience Day classes, or visit on the 14th of December from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for our Glassblowing by Candlelight evening, and enter to win a chance to make a bauble in our studio.

If watching the making of Peter Layton’s Heirloom Baubles piques your interest, you are invited to visit the studio Monday the 4th of December or Monday the 11th of December to view exactly how our team creates these unique handcrafted baubles. There’s no need to book, just drop in!

Morag Reekie


  • Giggles, Morag Reekie
  • Time for Tea II, Morag Reekie
  • Conversation about Conservation, Morag Reekie
  • Giggles, Morag Reekie

With my new work, I have incorporated found objects with my glass mice. I like to use old discarded or found items which have an unknown history and a story to tell. Finding these objects gives me inspiration and ideas for my work.

Transforming them into pieces of art, changing their purpose and thus, giving them a new lease of life. In doing so, I want my pieces of sculpture to tell their own stories. – Morag Reekie

Jonathan Rogers


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I strive to capture the unique ability of glass to carry both light and colour. It is these two basic qualities, which drive every new design from sketchbook to final polish. Themes running through my work include the exploration of texture, pattern and layering distinctive combinations of colour to add a sense of intrigue. Forms are modern, understated, fluid
and elegant. – Jonathan Rogers

Amanda Simmons


  • AS_minicatotelm
  • AS_kilnformed
  • AS_Acotelm03
  • AS_Acotelm02
  • AS_Acotelm

Known for kilnformed vessels in subtle colours and patterns, Amanda Simmons has exhibited her work at London Glassblowing a number of times. For ‘An Eclectic Christmas’, Simmons will present a selection of her kiln formed vessels inspired by natural landscapes and ecosystems.

Ruth Shelley


  • RS_Kaleem
  • RS_ParadigmShift
  • RS_ParadigmShift_02
  • RS_Metamorphosis

Ruth Shelley specialises in contemporary glass design. Her works’ signature is the use of vivid, dramatic colour in kiln formed glass. Taking her cue from her love of traveling, Ruth Shelley’s inspirations derive from her observation of colour, balance and tone of nature. Through layered glass she creates a dialogue of lines, patterns and colour. Ruth always observes how the colours and layers combine as a whole, and how light illuminates them.

Philip Vallentin

Ester Segarra

Philip Vallentin’s charming flameworked ornaments will be available in the gallery, along with his cheeky assemblages of animals.

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