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Cookie Jar for Niyi Olagunju

"materials reimagined as contemporary sculpture ..."

We had the pleasure of creating a glass sekere for the artist Niyi Olagunju for the exhibition ‘Music to the Eyes’, an exhibition at Tafeta + Partners in Marylebone, London, from 9-19 March, 2018. After discussing the shapes and final result desired, the glass pieces were hand-blown in our studio in several colours. Olagunju then adorned the items in the tradition of the sekere instrument.

Music to the Eyes presents works from Olagunju’s penultimate and most recent series – Ekpiri & Sight and Sounds respectively. Working with materials that were traditionally used in music making, the artist has re-imagined these as contemporary sculpture.

Following on the success of the Ekpiri Series, Olagunju’s latest works from the Sight and Sounds series see the glass “cookie jars” fashioned after traditional musical instruments called the sekere. Re-creating the gourds originally used for the percussion instruments as hand-blown glass, the threaded seeds, which generated a rattling sound, have been embellished with gold and copper leaves.

This continues the artist’s recent endeavour to shift the focus from aural to visual in the artistic spectrum.

-Tafeta + Partners on Music to the Eyes.


  • Calabash NiyiOlagunju_0007_Layer 1
  • Calabash NiyiOlagunju_0006_Layer 4
  • Calabash NiyiOlagunju_0004_Layer 3
  • tafeta
  • Calabash NiyiOlagunju_0005_Layer 2
  • Calabash NiyiOlagunju_0003_Layer 5
  • Calabash NiyiOlagunju_0002_Layer 5 copy
  • Calabash NiyiOlagunju_0001_Layer 5 copy 2
  • Calabash NiyiOlagunju_0000_Layer 5 copy 3

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