Sarah Wiberley

Peach Lacuna


"Lacuna: a blank space or missing part, an accidental gap where something should be, a microscopic absence. When something is lost or missing, small holes are left where presence should have been. Lacuna also describes small cavities within bone. Lace was often known as bone-lace as the bobbins used to weave it were made from bone.

Generations of glassmakers from Murano and beyond have been influenced by the lace-making of the neighbouring island, Burano. The fluid handkerchief bowl is a classical Venetian glass form and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring the two traditions together. Both glass and lace-making traditions, knowledge and skills have suffered erosion - almost until the absence is felt more than their presence." - Sarah Wiberley

Freeblown and sandblasted glass

H25.5 x W23 x D22cm