Cathryn Shilling

Woven Light


Woven Light is an offshoot of Cathryn's ‘Synergy’ series. However, as it is made predominantly from transparent glass, it is a much more ethereal piece. The key components to this work are the dichroic filaments, or ‘ribbons’, which impart definition, structure and a sense of solidity to the form, in stark contrast to the almost nebulous appearance of the clear glass. The dichroic also creates a dynamic, shifting colour pallet by reflecting different wavelengths of light, allowing filaments of coloured light to modulate and interact with each other depending on the viewers distance and perspective to the piece. 

The dichroic coating was originally developed for the Space programme. Over the years dichroic glass began to find its way into the realms of studio glass, where artists were eager to use its other worldly, light shifting properties in their glass sculptures. This opened up a whole new era of light refracting possibilities and gave artists like Cathryn a completely new way of manipulating colour.

Kilnformed glass and dichroic

H40 x W39 x D11cm


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