Odds & Ends

19 - 28 July - In the gallery

Peter has been creating, saving and cherishing many of his experimental pieces for decades. He finds inspiration wherever he goes, often scavenging from the studio floor and picking up colourful offcuts from the blowing process; many of which spark new directions in his work. 

Odds and Ends showcases Peter's efforts to transform everyday  found objects into stunning works of art.  As an avid beachcomber, Peter has collected pebbles, shells, and ammonites. Interestingly, as we laid out the collection, it took on a beach-like appearance almost entirely by chance, incorporating the colours, textures, and forms of the coastal landscapes he so admires. 


Peter has now been persuaded to part with a collection of small gems that he has lovingly preserved over the years. For one week only, these pieces will be available for purchase at the gallery, affording visitors the opportunity to take home an exceptional treasure.