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Bespoke Commissions

London Glassblowing carries out a wide variety of bespoke private, corporate and public commissions. Each one is given careful and comprehensive consideration to provide unique and inspired solutions to any given brief. These may be freeblown, hot-worked in solid glass, or moulded and kilnformed as required, and in consultation with the client.

We have successfully completed numerous projects, both large and small scale, within budget and timescale, to our clients’ delight. We are a friendly, approachable and professional group of artist/craftsmen who are multi skilled and passionate about this extraordinary medium. Please note that we are not able to take repair commissions. 


+44(0)207 403 2800

Initially we will generally ask for as much detail as possible to help us get a quote for your project. Please email sketches/designs, along with dimensions, and an idea of your budget and timescale.



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