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  • Lot 23a
  • Lot 23b

Lot 23 - Paradiso Experimental Stoneform

reserve price £590.00

This is a super piece that was made during Peter’s recent Paradiso developments. Excited by this stunning piece, he kept this colour test with a view to exploring the possibilities it offers; a tantalising prospect due to the surprising contrasts afforded by the combination of these colours.

Weight: 2kg

Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 8cm

*If you are tempted to bid on multiple pieces, but you don’t have the budget to win them all, simply let us know in the comment box that you’d like to bid preferentially, as well as your preference on each piece. We'll submit your bids one at a time, in your indicated order.

Please remember that we participate in the Arts Council's Own Art Scheme. So if your bid is successful you could use Own Art to spread your payments interest free over ten months.

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