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Tim Rawlinson

"an architecture of light & colour..."

 meet tim rawlinson Image

meet tim rawlinson

Tim Rawlinson is fascinated with the way light passes through glass and this informs his work. He exploits transparency, as an essential and primary quality, manipulating and distorting both colour and form in order to challenge his viewer’s perceptions.

The refractive qualities of glass in Tim’s pieces, create optical effects, shadows and reflections, that transform their environment creating an architecture of light and colour.

Tim has observed that society moves at an alarmingly rapid pace demanding instant solutions. Tim’s works aim to touch a part of our intellectual and spiritual need to slow down and experience what is going on within. These beautiful sculptures are objects of curiosity and contemplation.

A collaborative exhibition Exploring Transparency between Tim Rawlinson and rug designer Sonya Winner is on at Sonya Winner’s London Studio from the 2nd of May to the 1st of July 2018.



Tim Rawlinson was born in Bristol in 1985. He studied Ceramics and glass at Bucks New University, graduating in 2011. He exhibited his degree work that year at New Designers in London where he met Peter Layton. Peter invited Tim to do work experience at London Glassblowing, and following this Tim became a member of the team there.

Tim’s work has been prominent in the Gallery at London Glassblowing since 2012, including his solo show ‘Kumano Kudo’ in 2018. Tim’s work has been shown annually at Collect since 2015.

Tim has created his own language in glass through cut and polished sculptural pieces that focus on the interaction between light and glass. This has led to Tim’s inclusion in Europe’s most prestigious exhibition, ‘The Coburg Glass Prize’ in Germany in 2014 and the International Glass Prize at the GlazenHuis in Belgium 2015.

the video

Video Shim

Featured Artist Showcase: Kumano Kodo

A spiritual trek along the Kumano Kodo trail in Japan inspired Tim to create stunning pieces for his own 2018 showcase at London Glassblowing. His work in the show was influenced by the ancient Marushi rocks and landscapes he encountered in Japan, the Zen gardens in Kyoto, and tōrō, a traditional lantern.

Creating Kumano Kodo

Video Shim

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