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  • Sila Yucel Cube Set

Sila Yucel

'pure forms possess an ethereal quality...'

Meet Sila Yucel

Sila Yucel is a dedicated and talented emerging glass artist.  As a young person, immersed in the digital world – her previous career was in graphic design – she has now set herself the task of reimagining those elements that she found so fascinating there, in a new and magical medium. Inspired by the bold colours, smooth gradients and sharp edges of digital imagery, she deliberately chooses familiar shapes, exploring geometry in its purest forms. This leaves no room for error, where the challenges of achieving perfection become an ongoing quest in her developing practice.

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About the work

Her current ‘cubes’ are cast as six, in the first instance formed through a 3D Modelling Programme, and then cold worked (ground and polished) before painstaking assembly to achieve the finished piece.  The internal overlaps and layering create beautiful gradients of intense colour and light in a physical and translucent form. Her pure forms possess an ethereal quality – they flow with exquisite luminosity.

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