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Neil Wilkin

 Meet Neil Wilkin Image

Meet Neil Wilkin

Neil Wilkin’s passion for glassblowing and an enduring love of landscape and what forms it, have been the driving forces behind a lifetime of making. This deep connection to the natural world is central to his work. Neil states that “…the ground beneath our feet shapes and colours our environment in so many ways. My travels in Madagascar, Australia and the British Isles have yielded a wealth of inspiration from the geology and native flora.”

He uses glass and the processes that form it to explore, celebrate and reflect the richness and extraordinary diversity around him. The colours he uses, hard and soft, absorbing and transmitting light, inform his work both physically and aesthetically. In recent years Neil has harnessed the optical qualities of solid glass in
combination with the fluid richness of hot glass to explore new perspectives. He fabricates stainless steel to create larger, site specific installations, both indoor and outdoor.

His workshop is at his home, a small holding in West Wales, where he has spent much of his time planting trees and exploring the beautiful Welsh landscape.

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