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  • Photographer ©Sylvain Deleu 2019 all rights protected.  Do not use the photograph without the authorisation of the photographer if used for the web like blogs etc please contact me beforehand  sylvaindeleu@mac.com  or call me tel: 0044(0) 7 870649 206 Th
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Morten Klitgaard


 Meet Morten Klitgaard Image

Meet Morten Klitgaard

Morten Klitgaard (b. 1981) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Art, School of Design on Bornholm in 2012, his work has been driven by the urge to investigate and push the limits of glass as a material.

A significant loss of control is evident in Morten Klitgaard’s latest glass objects. Morten explores and pushes the boundaries of the visual expression of glass by subjecting the surfaces of his objects to experimental treatments.

About the Work

The large black volume of glass is blown into a mould. The added texture combines with the matt/glossy character of the surface to create an organic surface that is very different from clear glass.

‘My passion and deep respect for glass guides me through technical and creative processes, often leading me into extensive experiments. These tests and trials lead me in many directions giving my work an individual and more unconventional aesthetic. In my recent body of work I have been experimenting with removing the transparency of the medium by working with creating layers on the surface. Working in this way, I have developed a technique creating an almost glaze-like appearance, made of small bubbles that burst during the process giving the work an extremely porous surface.’

As a part of his process, Morten applies different oxides onto the surface during the last heating, turning it into a patina. This results in the surface looking aged, almost weatherbeaten . The patinated colors appearing are achieved by metal in the glass color. A reaction occurs and these metallic pigments give highlights, depth and pattern to each and every unique piece.Morten - by Sylvain - COLLECT 2020

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