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  • LHVHO01 - Vanda Hookeriana - Laura Hart

Laura Hart

 meet laura hart Image

meet laura hart

“My route to glass art has been a fascinating and convoluted path along many creative pursuits. Beginning with oils and canvas at the tender age of twelve, treading the boards at seventeen, video production in my twenties and thirties, heritage building renovation, 3D animation and design in my forties, and, at last, the glorious world of glass in my fifties. 

I was unexpectedly brought back to glass when tasked with designing a sculpture in steel and glass for a concept artist. I needed to better understand the glass making process, so observed some wonderfully talented glass artists at work.” – Laura Hart 

About the work

“I attended fusing and casting courses to learn the basics, but after I evicted the car from the garage and bought my kiln, my glass making skills largely emerged in the University of Trial and Error. Happily, some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way morphed into useful techniques.  I’ve learned much, but I’m still a novice in the scheme of things and every day brings another delicious opportunity to experiment. I enjoy dabbling with diversity and indulging a myriad of ideas and styles – fulfils the nomadic disposition –  but most importantly, a half century on this planet has determined the focal point of my real passion; the artistic representation of some the most fundamental, beautiful and threatened organisms on Earth.” – Laura Hart 


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