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Katherine Huskie

 Meet Katherine Huskie Image

Meet Katherine Huskie

Katherine Huskie is a glassblower and designer based in Wiltshire. Her work has a strong identity with form and pattern, whether it is technique or form driven. She is always searching for new influences and seeks to translate this imagery within hot glass. She has travelled with her glass, spending a year working in Australia learning new techniques and gathering experiences and ideas.

Katherine was awarded the prize of Wimbledon Championship artists 2018 alongside Nancy Sutcliffe. They produced two large scale glassworks which are on permeant display at the AELTC clubhouse.

Alongside running Devereux and Huskie Glassworks and her own personal practice, Katherine teaches glassblowing experience days at London Glassblowing.

About the Work

The Echinus series came from Katherine’s love of manipulating hot glass and the tactile qualities of it. Each piece is unqiue, with trails individually added and then sculpted using tools. The physical act of sculpting the hot glass gives a playful element to their creation. Viewers often want to touch the work which resonates with their desire to touch sea urchin shells; both of which, glass and urchin, are dangerous and fragile to touch. 

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