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Katharine Coleman MBE

Bermondsey Street by Katharine Coleman MBE

 Meet Katharine Coleman MBE Image

Meet Katharine Coleman MBE

Katharine Coleman MBE was born in 1949 in Sutton Coldfield and trained in glass engraving at Morley College in London 1984-7 with Peter Dreiser.

Technically skilled, she likes to explore the optical properties of glass, drawing the eye beyond the surface, creating illusions of one body floating within another. Her inspiration comes from the beauty found in ordinary things, whether natural history or the urban landscape.


About The Work

“Two themes have long interested me with my work  – the illusion of a smaller vessel apparently suspended inside a larger one,  the effect of both reflection and refraction of an engraved outer surface onto the inside surface of a thick walled clear glass vessel and the sculptural beauty of simple natural objects.” – Katharine Coleman MBE 

Katharine is renowned for her use of a small engraving wheel in her work, creating intricate carvings and details that capture the imagination. Katharine now teaches drill, point and wheel engraving on glass at Morley College, London and at the Bild-Werk Frauenau Summer Academy in Germany and the Corning Museum Studio.

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