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Karen Lawrence

"reminiscent of ice crystals or snowflakes..."

 About Karen Lawrence Image

About Karen Lawrence

The late Karen Lawrence worked at London Glassblowing during the 80s and 90s and we are privileged to be hosting a retrospective of her oeuvre in our gallery between 12-27 February 2016. A selection of her artworks are available to view and purchase above.

Karen was a pioneering glass artist who earned widespread acclaim for her award winning work. She sadly passed away in 2013 aged only 53, following a long battle with cancer.

Karen developed groundbreaking techniques for making and colouring stunning kiln formed vessels, sculptures and architectural panels. By fusing and slumping careful arrangements of finely drawn strands or filaments combined with specially prepared frits, she was able to achieve exquisite and delicate forms, and effects reminiscent of ice crystals or snowflakes.

The Video

Watch the video below to learn more about Karen through interviews with her husband, the irrepressible singer-songwriter John Otway, along with the founder of London Glassblowing, Peter Layton, and artist & curator Cathryn Shilling.

Video Shim

About The Works

Karen developed highly personal and innovative methods to create her elegant works. Her objects are truly exceptional in their ‘lightness of being’; in the intricate delicacy of their form and structure and in her choice of subtle colouration and electroformed metal inclusions to achieve their exquisite resolution. Pâte de Verre (paste of glass) is normally used only for the making of small, fine vessels because of its arduous process, but Karen enjoyed the challenge of exploring this process for large scale architectural applications as well as the beautiful smaller works that we are presenting here.


  • Karen Lawrence Portrait
  • Karen Lawrence Receiving the Glass Sellers Award 2002Karen receiving the Glass Sellers' Award, 2002
  • Karen Lawrence viewing Waterscape Window commission at GuyKaren viewing the Waterscape Window Commission at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, 2008
  • Karen Lawrence colour testsAn example of Karen's colour tests

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