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Jochen Ott

"bewitching, bold & brave..."

 meet Jochen Ott Image

meet Jochen Ott

Jochen Ott was spellbound by glass as an artistic material when he first explored its potential over a decade ago and decided to study at the Glasfachschule Zwiesel in Bavaria, Germany; whereafter he joined the London Glassblowing team in 2007.

About the work

His work examines the cosmic relation and connection of nature’s entities. Currently, he is exploring the idea of producing multiples and pairs, and the play of illusion and perception in relation to these, as well as the congruity and disruption of natural surfaces and structure.

The evolutionary, oxymoronic nature of its elemental states, from glowing and fluid to sharp, rigid and fragile and everything in between, has meant his fascination in the medium has never faded. ‘I suppose I see it as something alive… a moving substance that you take in an embryonic form, breathe life into, and then carefully, physically shape its growth.

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