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  • Heike

Heike Brachlow

"interaction of colour, form and light..."

 Meet Heike Brachlow Image

Meet Heike Brachlow

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Heike Brachlow received her BA in glass 2004
from the University of Wolverhampton, her MA in 2006 and her PhD in 2012 from the
Royal College of Art in London. She primarily works as a self-employed artist from
her studio at Parndon Mill, and as an educator and lecturer, teaching at the Royal
College of Art and institutions such as the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass
and Pilchuck Glass School. Her work is represented in many museum collections
including the European Museum of Modern Glass (Art Collection of the Veste
Coburg), the National Museums Scotland, Glasmuseum Hentrich, and the Tacoma
Museum of Glass. She has won the Jerwood Maker’s Open Award in 2011 and the
Glass Seller’s Arts and Crafts Award at the British Glass Biennale in 2017 and her
work has been exhibited in many countries including the USA, China, Japan, Korea,
Australia, Italy, and Germany.Heike’s often precariously balanced sculptures aim to physically engage: the viewer becomes toucher – invited by words or form, boldly or guiltily. Colour is an important part of her work: her PhD research focused exploring the interaction of colour, form and light in solid transparent glass. Her work reflects her attraction to movement and transformation, both in colour and form.

About the Work

My work explores the interaction of colour, form and light in glass solids.
I aim to make forms capable of transformation, ideally in several different ways. My
main focus is the investigation of transparent colour in glass. Thick-thin variations of
form, curves and angles, the optical properties of glass, and matt or polished surface
finishes all impact the appearance of the final object. The works change depending
on the viewing angle, when set into motion, and with changing light conditions.

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