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Hanne Enemark

"unveiling the unforeseen potential of glass"

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 Meet Hanne Enemark Image

Meet Hanne Enemark

Hanne Enemark graduated with a BA degree from Bornholm, Glass and Ceramics School in 2006 before completing her Masters degree from the Royal College of Art 2010. In 2008 Hanne was selected to represent Denmark in the Emerging Artist category at the European Glass Context. In 2012 she won Elle Decoration’s New Designer of the Year Award. In 2014 she was invited together with her blowing partner Louis Thompson, to part take in The Artist in Residency program at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, USA. In 2018, they were both invited to take part in IGS in Novy Bor Czech Republic. The same year she was commissioned to design the 50th anniversary humidor for Oettinger Davidoff.

About the Work

The key themes in Hanne’s work are minimalistic simplicity and beauty. She plays with the perception of glass by experimenting with contrasts such as hard and soft, sharp and smooth, heavy and light by amplifying the visual tension created between two elements.

Her work is a combination of investigation into the laws of physics and the paradox she creates within her own setting. She is interested in minerals and metals, captivated by their visual composition. She mimics these by manipulating and elevating the material until it is perceived with different value. ‘I seek beyond conventional techniques to unveil the unforeseen potential of glass as a material. By investigating the methods and processes of making, I perceive and embrace imperfection. Subsequently, I enhance and modify these imperfections until they transform into enviable features and are perceived as adornment. And with the final end result, hoping to evoke wonder and amazement. ‘

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