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  • Gillies Jones Artist Talk2

Gillies Jones

Partners in life and glass

 meet Gillies Jones Image

meet Gillies Jones

Partners in life and in art, Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones have been creating exceptional blown glass together for over 20 years.   Their stunning free blown, engraved vessels convey a unique aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the beauty of their rural surroundings.

Concerning itself with the Landscape, their work blurs the boundaries between abstraction and literal interpretation.

About the Work

Deliberately distorted bowl forms represent the hollows of the Yorkshire Dales and Moor tops; the gentle distortion of each vessel creating a unique form.

“Light illuminates the landscape around us and light animates our glass. We explore the play of light within each piece through the use of Swedish overlay. We slowly and meticulously carve into the fine coloured layers and surfaces of our vessel forms.”

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