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  • Davide Penso Parrot Mirror

Davide Penso

Lands, cultures, shapes and colours..

Double Parrot Seaweed

 meet davide penso Image

meet davide penso

Davide Penso was born in Venice in 1965 and is a resident of Murano. Specialising in artistic lamp-worked and kiln formed glass, Davide makes stunning sculptures and unique jewellery. His work is collected and exhibited internationally.

Photograph taken by Joel Court

About the Work

Davide’s Seaweed sculptures are a reflection of over 30 years
experience in glass making. Lands, cultures, shapes and colours
inspire his work. The Seaweed components are blown in Murano
glass. The concept of the wood base was born in 2017, when Davide
started to use an old piece of wooden table found by an excavation
beneath the water.

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