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  • Wild Blue Yonder & Wild Blue Yonder II - Bethany Wood.
  • BG-BW4 - Rock Extract II - Bethany Wood

Bethany Wood

"serendipity of abstraction..."

 Meet Bethany Wood Image

Meet Bethany Wood

Bethany Wood, graduated from De Montfort University with a Design degree; specialised in glass making, and has since worked with many renowned glass makers around England. 

She has been making glass for 7 years and as well as teaching beginners, she has over the past two years, began to produce her own range of glass art which she sells in galleries. 

‘If I was not an artist, I would have been a performer. I chose glass, which I do believe is a performance of art; both disciplines create the same energy. There is rhythm and adrenaline in glass making, within a routine that is planned very carefully.’ – Bethany Wood

About the work

As a multidisciplinary artist, Bethany Wood has begun to merge her two artistic passions, painting and Glassmaking. She likes to express herself with the fluidity of the material. The directional arrangement of a colour palette can form the depth of an abstract Landscape. Bethany uses her own paintings as a reference whilst making in the hot shop. Each individual artwork from this series has been inspired by a specific place.

Serendipity of abstraction has always been an inspiration for Bethany; the coincidental elements which catch the eye of the viewer. The palette, composition and depth that she has attained are taken from nature, with a bold but elegant swipe of her own personal, expressionist style.

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