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  • ASSH09 - Bright Skies - Med Duo SH 1
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Amanda Simmons

The making process

 meet Amanda Simmons Image

meet Amanda Simmons

Amanda Simmons has worked with glass for the past 19 years, graduating from Central St Martin’s School of Art & Design in London with Distinction studying Postgraduate Certificate in Glass & Architecture, before relocating to Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland in 2005.

About The Work

Amanda Simmons makes kiln formed glass objects, playing with gravity in the kiln. Manipulating mass, heat, colour and time she aims to create complex, elusive work that has intense colour and pattern which reacts to the light it is placed in. She uses opaque glass powders to construct her work due to its varying translucency as the form elongates in the kiln. She then finishes the kiln fired pieces using many cold working processes to shape and mark the glass including sandblasting, hand lapping and diamond point and wheel engraving.

Amanda Simmons by Kim Ayres

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