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Alison Kinnaird (MBE)

One of the world's leading glass artists and engravers

 Meet Alison Kinnaird (MBE) Image

Meet Alison Kinnaird (MBE)

One of the world’s leading glass artists and engravers, with work in public, royal and private collections throughout Europe, America and the Far East, Alison Kinnaird’s glass ranges from small intimate pieces to large-scale architectural installations which incorporate light and colour. A recipient of many awards and winner of many competitions, her creative contribution was recognised in 1997, when she was presented with an M.B.E. for services to art and music.

About the work

“Glass is a seductively beautiful medium. It has a more versatile nature than any other material. It can be made to resemble stone, water or metal, ceramic, gems, or textiles. It can be solid or liquid, transparent or obscure, smooth or textured, heavy or apparently weightless. But it is in partnership with light that glass comes alive. It is then glowing and brilliant, reflective and refractive.

The purity of the medium adds a spiritual dimension – its transparency and mirror surfaces give different insights on the human condition. In more than one way can one ‘see through’ the images engraved on its surface.

Combining small elements into a larger whole, means that pieces can have an architectural scale, without sacrificing the sculptural quality or delicacy of details which is characteristic of wheel engraving.

I do not find the exacting technique limiting. The slow pace is a meditative and unending pursuit of perfection, the intimate scale gives a perspective on one’s relationship with the rest of humanity.

After forty years working in this field, I still find excitement and challenges in the potential of the medium, and the messages that it has to offer us today.” – Alison Kinnaird (MBE)

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