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Celebrating 80

A celebratory exhibition for Peter Layton's 80th Birthday

First Snow, Katharine Coleman

Bed of Roses II, Alison Kinnaird

Livvy Fink

Celebrating 80

16.06.17 - 08.07.17

My word… How did that happen?  Who knew that eighty years could go by in a flash?  One looks back to those childhood days when time stood still or seemed to stretch out forever; a time when life’s mysteries were unfathomable and trivial problems were great dilemmas – actually, perhaps not a lot has changed there!

One’s children have become adults, and our grandchildren are growing so fast that I can barely keep up and yet what a privilege it is to still be working in such a fabulous medium alongside such wonderful people.  Upon reaching this age I find myself asked more and more frequently about my legacy, and my reply is invariably undecided. London Glassblowing and the incredible things we’ve achieved there together, is of course a major part of whatever it may be.  However I am also moved when I think of all the great people who have passed through those doors, each bringing something new and, I hope, taking away something they’ve learned. I am constantly amazed and extremely proud of my extended family and the varied directions of their research and their achievements.

To celebrate, I have invited some of the pioneering spirits of British Studio Glass to join me in an exhibition.  Each of them has made a huge contribution to glass art and each of them is still at the top of their game.  Alison Kinnaird and Katharine Coleman are the world’s leading glass engravers; Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg have recently set up their new studio in Wales.  They are stars of the international glass world and create wonderful sculptural works on an architectural scale.  David Reekie and Colin Reid are the UK’s foremost sculptors working in glass and their work is incredibly popular, largely being snapped up by the international market.  Sam Herman and I are now ‘golden oldies’ who helped to forge the way in the early days and encourage the next generation, some of whom I have invited to join us.   

Louis Thompson and Tim Rawlinson need little introduction and Layne Rowe is exploring new genres, including glass jewellery.  Anthony Scala, likewise, is turning his hand to filmmaking.  Joe Harrington, Heike Brachlow, Livvy Fink, Nancy Sutcliffe and Karen Browning bring consummate talent and skills to the expression of their remarkable and innovative ideas.  

It is my privilege to work with and exhibit alongside the new generation of great glass makers. Whatever my legacy may be, I am confident that the future of British Glass art is in safe hands.

-Peter Layton



Featuring work by: 

Baldwin Guggisberg

Heike Brachlow

Karen Browning

Katharine Coleman

Livvy Fink

Joseph Harrington

Sam Herman

Alison Kinnaird

Peter Layton

David Reekie

Colin Reid

Tim Rawlinson

Layne Rowe

Anthony Scala

Nancy Sutcliffe

Louis Thompson

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